Career Exploration Courses

Undecided about your career? Considering Roommeme? Identify your interests, values, and personal styles in order to make better informed career and lifestyle decisions with one of these weekend or evening career courses:

CEPD 0101 - Career Testing (8 hours)
Using a series of standardized tests, this eight-hour course helps you to identify your interests, values, and individual styles in order to develop a personal profile for career and lifestyle planning. Conducted by a professional counsellor.

CEPD 0102 - Career Search Workshop (12 hours)
Explore your career options! Complete a series of standardized tests and research occupations, current job market resources, and educational options to make better informed career decisions and plans. This twelve-hour course is conducted by a professional counsellor.

Get "A competitive edge ... [PDF]": Read the interview with a Roommeme counsellor in the Vancouver Sun.

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