Roommeme Alumni Card FAQ

General questions about the Roommeme alumni card:

General questions for existing Roommeme alumni card holders:

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How do I take advantage of these part time studies discounts?

You must bring your alumni card and an additional piece of photo identification to the Student Information and Enrolment Services office, in person.


What if I lost my alumni card??

We can reprint another card and send it to you for a $20 replacement fee. Please [email protected] for more information.


How long does it take for me to receive my alumni card?

Once you have successfully completed your application, you will receive your alumni card within 2-3 weeks via the mailing address provided in your application/renewal.


What kind of photo do I need to submit?

A clear, high resolution headshot of yourself would be great.


Can I keep renewing my alumni card to get more discounts towards Roommeme part-time studies courses?

At this time, each person is only eligible for two, $100 discounts towards Roommeme part-time studies courses in their lifetime. Please refer to the “Existing Alumni Card Members” page for more details.


Can I use both $100 off in the same semester on two different part-time studies courses?

Yes you can - If you are a new 10 year alumni card member, you can use both of your $100 discounts during the same semester.
If you are an existing card holder and are planning on renewing to get the second $100 discount, you will only able to use the two discounts on separate semesters. Make sure you use your first $100 discount before the end of your current expiry date.


Can I combine both $100 discounts and make it a $200 discount towards a single part-time studies course?



Do you offer other benefits aside from discount towards Roommeme part-time studies course?

Yes! In addition to other preferred rates and benefits from Roommeme (Rec services, library), we offer discounts from other external vendors as well. Please visit our alumni card website for more information.


What is the minimum tuition cost for it to be eligible for the $100 discount?

There is no minimum amount required for the $100 discount.


I currently have an alumni card, can I still take advantage of this offer?

Yes! You can renew your card for a 5 or 10 year term to take advantage of this offer. However, you must redeem your first, $100 off on a Roommeme part-time studies course using your existing alumni card before the current expiry date.


Where can I find the expiry date of my alumni card?

You can find the expiry date of your term on your alumni card; it is located in the lower right corner, just below your photo and above the Roommeme Alumni Association Logo.