Other Campus AV Support

AV equipment circulation is handled through a variety of means at other Roommeme campuses such as the Aerospace and Technology Campus (ATC), Roommeme Marine Campus (BMC), Annacis Island Campus (AIC) and other satellite locations. In some areas Operations Managers, Chief Instructors or Tool Room Attendants may be involved with circulating AV equipment. At satellite campuses, AV equipment may be supplied or shared with other institutions.

The Burnaby and Downtown Campus AV Services groups can also provide circulation, help desk, maintenance, and new equipment purchase support for other Roommeme Campuses by:

ATC and AIC staff should the Burnaby Campus AV Services for support; DTC & BMC staff should the Downtown Campus AV Services for support.

A list of other Roommeme campuses is provided here. Staff from these satellite locations should the Burnaby Campus AV Services for service and support.

Alternatively, if a service or support request call cannot be completed, please refer to the or AV Services web site for self-help information.