Frequently Asked Questions

Finding your materials

What materials do I need for my course?

You can browse or purchase online using your course number(s) (eg. FMGT 1100, TELC APP Level 1). If you don't know your course number(s), you can retrieve them by logging into your account and looking under the My Courses tab. If your course number does not appear at all, please go to class first, as it is likely no materials are required to purchase.

When can I start buying my books for the next term?

Approximately six weeks before your course(s) start. For example, if your course starts on April 7th, you will be able to view and order course materials around the end of February. However, because course materials may change prior to term start and our return policy allows returns for 1 week from date of purchase, we do not advise buying your books early.

Please be aware that course materials are posted as requests are received from your instructors, so your course can show no materials today but have several listed tomorrow. Check the website often for additions and changes, and be sure to read the returns policy.

Can I buy used books?

We will have the highest inventory of used books immediately after our monthly buyback. You will be able to purchase used books online if available. Please note that used copies are not guaranteed and may sell out in our store while you are placing your online order, which would affect our ability to fill your order. In this case, we will you via email and ask to change your order to a new version at the new book price.

Used books with access codes likely do not include a working version of that code, as these are one-time use only and are time sensitive. The access code might need to be purchased separately through the publisher.

Why do some items on my list of course materials show no price or say "out of stock/unavailable/in transit"?

When your instructors select materials for your course, we update the information into our systems right away. We still have to order and price the materials or have the materials printed so we will not have it in stock for three or four weeks after first listing it (depending on its availability from the publishers). Also, sometimes it is not possible to have accurate pricing until the book arrives along with an invoice.

Online orders

How long does it take to receive a book ordered via the website?

Orders are processed within 2 business days. After shipping, deliveries take about 2 business days within British Columbia. Transit times outside B.C. vary.

Extra processing time will be required during the weeks prior to and during September, January, and April Rush.

When can I pick up my order, if I select "Pick Up Order at Bookstore Annex BLDG NE9"?

Online orders are ready for pick up 2-3 business days after your order is placed and will be held for 60 days. We will attempt to you at the email address you provided us if your order has not been picked up by this time. After this time, any unclaimed purchases will either be recycled or reabsorbed into inventory without refund.

What if I can't pick up my online order before 4:00 pm?

If you can't make it into the Bookstore Annex before 4:00 pm, select "Library after 4 pm pick-up Bldg SE14" as your shipping method at checkout. You will receive an e-mail confirmation and your order will be ready to pick up at the library front counter 2-3 business days after order was placed. Check Library hours of operation.

I made a mistake on my online order, how can I change it?

Please the Bookstore and we can make the necessary changes for you.

When will I receive the access code for the Jumpbook that I ordered?

Jumpbooks will directly email you the access code and instructions as soon as your order is processed, typically within 2 business days.

Textbook Buyback

Where can I sell my textbooks?

Buyback is your chance to sell unwanted textbooks. Bring your textbooks in during the listed dates and times and an independent used book wholesaler will determine their value and offer you up to 50% of the new book price.

What if your books are not needed at Buyback?

If your books are not bought at Buyback, you can browse or post your books in our Online textbook swap


Are there limits on the kinds of materials I can return for refund?

Returns are restricted. If you wish to return something you bought online, please call Customer Service at 111-432-8379 before sending it back. (Shipping is at your expense). Check our returns policy for details.