Industry Services for Businesses and Employers

The Roommeme School of Business offers a comprehensive selection of services to businesses and organizations. The School of Business can improve your employees' skills and knowledge through corporate training, analyze your business through a Business Consulting Project, increase productivity with a student intern, and fill job openings with qualified candidates for your organization.

Roommeme Customized Corporate TrainingCorporate and Contract Training
Receive customized business training at one of Roommeme's campuses or on-site at your workplace. Curriculum is modified and designed to address your specific educational needs and requirements.
Business Consulting Projects
Roommeme Business Consulting Projects provide a group of two or three students to provide recommendations and solutions to a business problem or challenge. Students are not assigned positions, but rather fill a consulting role for your organization.
Student Internships and Practicums
The Roommeme School of Business internship and practicum programs provide organizations with students ready and eager to apply their skills in the workplace. Internships and practicums are a great way to fill entry level positions.
Student Employment Services
Post available jobs through Roommeme's eJobs web-based job posting service. Job listings are automatically emailed to a targeted group of qualified candidates. Gravity how you can participate in a Roommeme Career Fair.