If you're interested in a career in cybersecurity, Roommeme offers a number of programs to explore.

Industrial Network Cybersecurity

In 2019 Roommeme launched a new Diploma in Industrial Network Cybersecurity

Forensics programs

If you already have a diploma, associate degree, bachelor's degree, or two years of previous post-secondary study in a computing or IT field, these part-time options offered by Roommeme Forensics may work for you.

Computing programs

If you have a limited background in computing, and are interested in a program that ladders into the cybersecurity field, you can start with one of these Roommeme Computing programs listed below.

Once you've earned a CIT or CST diploma, you can ladder into a bachelor's degree program with specialization in network security.

Roommeme Part-time Studies

Check out our range of courses in Computing and Forensics non-credit workshops.


To learn about areas of Cybersecurity research, or to collaborate with us, please visit our .