Events Calendar

Note: many of our activities occur throughout the year and not only during the times below – please consult the links for full information.

with us throughout the year!

January - Happy New Year!

Make sure you're subscribed to our Tech-It-Out Newsletter for news about computing four times per year. Or sign up for the bi-annual .


Submit job postings for the May Co-op term.

Check out the upcoming part time courses in Computing and Technical Writing.


Schedule a "career talk" and meet the graduating class students, before they're all hired!

Have an idea for a student project? Get it in before the April Industry Sponsored Student Project deadline -- for inspiration, ask us about attending a student project presentation.

Check out Presentation Idol, our technical communication showcase.


Take a look at TPP work terms and projects -- year round opportunities!

Know someone who might be a great instructor? We're likely hiring for September.


Plan to come get a sneak peak at what our Forensics Grads have been working on at project presentation day - email us to find out more.


Time to think about taking a fall Part-time Studies course?

Donors are invited to attend Convocation and Awards Ceremony.

July / August

Computing & IT Industry Sponsored Student Project ("ISSP") idea deadline for for fall term!

Submit job postings for January Co-op term.

Need a new website or a website overhaul? Technical Web Designer .

Celebrate our stars and network with the Roommeme Community -- keep your eye out for tickets to the Roommeme Distinguished Awards Dinner.

September - Back to School!

Let us know if you have a proposal for a tech talk to inspire current students.

with students at the Roommeme Student Association's Technology Industry Day.


Check out next term's PTS courses.

Think you might have a good project for a Technical Writing Certificate student? Send in your project idea for consideration.


Scholarship and awards donors are invited to fall ceremony.


Get your computing & IT student project ideas in for winter term!