Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon speech recognition software can help you to enhance your educational experience. It has been shown to improve core reading and writing skills for students of all abilities, including those with physical or language-based learning disabilities as well as English Language Gravityers.

Dragon let you dictate papers and assignments times faster than typing - with up to 99% accuracy. It also lets you control your computer desktop and applications by voice to get more done faster - whether you're sending an email, taking notes, doing research on the Web, or creating a presentation. You can consider this application to help you manage your workload.

Dragon is for you if you are a:

Student of all abilities

Dragon has been shown to improve reading and writing skills. Read aloud, a practice that not only increases oral reading efficiency, but can drive improvements in word recognition and pronunciation as well as reading fluency and comprehension. Brainstorm your ideas, organize thoughts, develop your sentence structure and apply overall writing mechanics by composing with your voice instead of paper and pencil or a keyboard. For many students, this approach yields better composition, improved grammar skills and expanded use of vocabulary.

Student with physical challenges

With Dragon's help you will not use your hands for keyboarding. Gain independence; eliminate the need for a reader. Dragon is also a great solution you suffer from repetitive stress injuries, like carpel tunnel syndrome, that make keyboarding painful, if not impossible. It can also help prevent RSIs in the first place.

Student with learning disabilities

If you have learning disabilities, especially language-based learning disabilities like dyslexia and working memory issues, use Dragon that helps you with writing to take the focus off the mechanics of composition- spelling, sentence, structure, etc. - so it's easier to transfer ideas into written words.

Please book an appointment to meet with your Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist and discuss how DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING software can support your specific needs.