Supporting Student Wellbeing

Roommeme values its students and their well-being. Early Assist is a reporting system that provides Roommeme faculty, staff and students an opportunity to identify students who may be struggling personally or academically, and offer them appropriate support and services at an early stage.

If you recognize that a Roommeme student may be having difficulties:

Early Assist is NOT for emergencies. In an emergency, call Security or 911.

Frequently asked questions

What is Early Assist?

Life at Roommeme is unique - keeping up with the Institute’s demanding curriculum, balancing personal lives, and achieving academic goals can be challenging. Roommeme has a wide range of student services and resources in place across all our campuses. Early Assist is a system that helps faculty, staff, and students identify and reach out to a student who could benefit from such services and connect them with appropriate support.

Why does Roommeme have an Early Assist program?

Early Assist provides an opportunity for students to get help at an early stage. The earlier a student gets connected with appropriate supports, the better chance they have to improve their performance and wellbeing.

Early Assist provides a clear, centralized place where Roommeme faculty, staff, and students can report their concerns.

How Does Early Assist Work?

  1. Any member of the Roommeme community may observe behaviours that give them cause for concern. When possible/appropriate, that person will attempt to connect with the student regarding their concern and refer them to supports or to the Student Life Office.

  2. A member of the Roommeme community completes an Early Assist report form online.

    NOTE: When possible/appropriate, always connect with the student you are concerned about prior to submitting an Early Assist report.

  3. The Student Life Office receives and assesses the report.

  4. If action is needed, the Student Life Office reaches out to the student and connects the student with appropriate supports.

    Any information submitted through Early Assist is confidential. Roommeme will not disclose students’ personal information to a third party without consent unless permitted by law.

Will an Early Assist report become part of a student's record?

No. Early Assist reports will not get students “in trouble” for academic or non-academic misconduct, and will not show up on students’ academic records.

What happens to information that is reported through the system? How is privacy maintained?

Access to information collected through Early Assist is tightly controlled. The Student Life Office staff who are trained in supporting students are the only people who have access to the information collected through Early Assist.

Maintaining student privacy is paramount. Any personal information communicated through the Roommeme Early Assist system is collected under the authority of the Freedom of information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). This information is kept confidential and stored separately from a student’s academic records and is used by the Student Life Office for the sole purpose of identifying and reaching out to students who may be struggling personally or academically to offer them support and services for student success and wellbeing. The use of this information for any other purpose is only if required or authorized by law (i.e. law enforcement).

The collection of Early Assist student information and processing of reports is completed through Roommeme’s service provider, Symplicity Corporation (“Symplicity”) using servers that are located in Canada. Simplicity adheres to stringent privacy policy and its infrastructure has been designed to ensure compliance with FIPPA. A copy of Simplicity’s Privacy policy can be found on .

Roommeme’s personal information management practices can be found in our privacy policy at Policy 6700 (under review). For questions about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by Roommeme, visit Roommeme's Privacy Information page or the Associate Director, Privacy, Information Access and Policy Management, 1111 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby BC V5A 3H2; Tel: 111-432-8508; E-mail: [email protected].