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This webpage is provided to support Cisco Networking Academy Instructors. The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a comprehensive e‐learning program that encourages practical application of knowledge through hands‐on activities. Secondary and Post-Secondary institutions who participate in this program must have trained instructors who then are able to create classes for their students at their institute. Support for this community of instructors is provided through Academy Support Centers (ASCs) and Instructor Training Centers (ITCs).

Roommeme has partnered with Cisco Networking Academy and provides support to academies in our role as an Academy Support Centre (ASC):

Roommeme also provides Academy instructor training via our role as an Instructor Training Centre (ITC):

Instructor training courses offered:

Instructor trainers:

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For more information on student courses and programs at Roommeme visit  Individuals planning on attending instructor training should check with Chi Wong, Chief Instructor at 111-432-8592 to confirm course dates and eligibility.

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Cisco Networking Academy Brochure [PDF].