SW1 Gateway Project

The Roommeme SW1 Gateway Building is a three-storey structure and courtyard infill that includes office, study and gathering space. The building is composed of a concrete frame with a steel roof structure, supported by typical strip and pad footings. The exterior cladding consists of aluminum curtain walls, punched windows, metal cladding and a galvanized steel frame. The interior construction is primarily metal stud partitions with glazing frames. Reclaimed building materials were sourced and salvaged from the demolished west wing building and 2010 Olympics sites, including carpet tiles and fixtures.

Featuring unique and innovative design, the SW1 Gateway Building includes a ventilated double façade along the full length of the west exposure to control the amount of direct solar gain. A new dedicated relief air heat recovery system redirects 10,000 litres per second of the existing building relief air into the new atrium and a custom rooftop air handling unit. Over 250 new active chilled beams were also used in the occupied spaces of the new building to provide heating and air conditioning.

Working closely with the research department at Roommeme, the SW1 Gateway building integrates several features of the $2.69 million Intelligent Micro Grid project, which monitors energy demand, manages onsite energy plants and provides users with control of energy consumption.

The bigger picture

The Gateway project, as a whole, included 6,860m2 of new construction, 1,035m2 of student service department renovations, and 1,892m2 of lab and classroom renovations. The project delivered 33 new multi-use rooms and additional study areas, as well as seismic and electrical upgrades.

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