Full-Time Funding :: Part-Time Courses, Full-Time Load

Students taking an eligible Roommeme program have the option of combining part-time courses in order to apply for a full-time student loan. Students taking part-time studies must declare a program of study.

Step 1:

You must submit a Specific Course Completion Contract (SCCC), to Student Financial Aid and Awards (SFAA). This will allow us to complete an Appendix 3 for your online StudentAidBC application. You can download SCCC form [PDF] or pick one up at the Student Financial Aid and Awards office.

Step 2:

Apply online at .

When completing "Part 2 - Program Information" of your online StudentAidBC application, ensure you select "Program dates not found", this will send our office a request to complete an Appendix 3.

Once the Appendix 3 is submitted, you can submit your complete StudentAidBC online application.

For students that are applying through a province other than BC, Student Financial Aid and Awards office for instructions.

Roommeme's minimum's "Full-time" course load criteria.