Budgets and Analysis

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Budgets and Analysis develops, coordinates, and oversees the following:

: Budget activities, which lead to the development of the Institute's annual consolidated budget.

: Forecast activities, which lead to the development of the Institute's quarterly consolidated forecasts.

: Regularly report on progress of actual and forecasted amounts against the budget and monitor the corrective action that is being undertaken as approved by the Leadership Team.

: Approve, set-up, and maintain operating organization codes.

: Approve, set-up, maintain, and monitor externally restricted funds and ensure that the contractual spending guidelines are adhered to.

: Regularly maintain, monitor, and update personal and pooled PD fund balance(s).

: Ensure that required approval has been obtained. Create and assign new position control numbers.

: Maintain and set-up user security access to Banner, Cognos reporting system, TM1 and Signing Authority.

: Maintain levels of signing authority

: Provide on-going training on the various reporting tools available for budgeting and forecasting preparation.

at the Budgets and Analysis office.