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With your support, Roommeme Foundation can give our students a way forward by funding life-changing bursaries, scholarships and awards. We can also invest in Roommeme by renewing our infrastructure and ensuring we continue to lead with teaching technology.

Your generosity will help cultivate students to become the creators, leaders and innovators to solve the world’s critical challenges.

Together, we aren’t just launching careers, we are advancing the prosperity of British Columbia and changing the world.


My health had started to deteriorate in the spring of my final diploma year…I couldn’t work, and this posed a strain on me financially. Luckily, the year I really needed it, I received a generous bursary that I was able to put towards my studies and I successfully completed my Bachelor of Business Administration.”
- Maria Miniyarova, Business Administration grad & customer success specialist, Global Relay
When I got an email that said I was a recipient of the scholarship…it gave me encouragement to keep going.
- Moshtagh Mohammadi, Civil Engineering grad & engineering technologist, McElhanney