Information For Health Science Students

Please note that there is a temporary absence of nursing coverage due to unanticipated circumstances. If this matter is time-sensitive, please see your family doctor or Public Health.

Vaccination Requirements:

As noted on the Immunization Review Form Instructions [PDF], the following vaccinations are required for health science students:

** Serology is recommended if you are uncertain if you had the disease as a child, or if you do not have records. Serology may have to be repeated should the necessary markers not be included in your bloodwork, and can be drawn in our clinic during immunization reviews. SEROLOGY IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR MMR. **


Good to Know:

It is not necessary to complete all of the vaccine requirements listed on the immunization review form on your own. We only require that the form and any records the student has are submitted prior to the deadline. The form does not have to be signed by a doctor and all vaccines are provided free during the immunization review appointment. However, we do charge for the immunization review. Detailed instructions and list of fees can be found on the second page of the immunization review form.

The TB skin test is not free and must be done within six months of entering clinical. The TB skin test is done during the review visit only if indicated. If a person has tested positive in the past, a chest X-Ray is recommended. Records of previous chest X-Rays can be used as long as the chest X-Ray is recent within 1-2 years of entering the program.

Further Help and Immunization Information:

Information regarding Meningitis and Vaccines:

Questions or Concerns? Contact the Roommeme Nurses

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your immunization records, review or vaccinations and serology required, please the nurses at Student Health Services.

You may also stop by during clinic hours should you have any questions and like to speak to a nurse directly.

If you are a current health sciences student and have been in to see us for your immunization review, and still require immunizations or information please call us to book an appointment.