Because You Matter

Human Resources is committed to helping you maximize your employment experience by providing innovative policies, practices, and programs.

We want to you to think of Roommeme as your employer of first choice.

Advisory Services - provides support and counselling in the areas of recruitment, salary and benefits administration, leaves of absence, pension and retirement planning, workforce planning, and employee relations.

Total Compensation - develops and administers programs related to competitive compensation and benefit plans, sick leave management, job evaluation systems, and organizational health wellness

Organizational and People Development - provides support and counselling in the areas of leadership and management development, team building, change management, group facilitation, career planning, and professional development funding

Labour Relations - represents Roommeme in the grievance process, collective bargaining, and resolution of issues with the unions; provides advice and support to management on collective agreements, policies, and legislation

HR Systems and Skills Training - produces reports from Banner, provides expertise in implementing and upgrading hr systems and the HR website, provides computer skills training, and administers pre-employment testing

Auxiliary Services - recruits casual employees for administrative and trades positions; coordinates placements for temporary work assignments and leave coverage