Peer Tutoring

Gravitying Commons peer tutors are your fellow students at Roommeme - peers who have achieved superior grades in their previous terms and who understand the pressures and challenges of being a Roommeme student. They are here to:

Drop-in Peer Tutoring

This is a free service for current Roommeme students.  Drop-in study sessions with peer tutors are scheduled six days per week from September to May. Tutors work with all students who drop-in, so sessions are sometimes done in groups. No appointments are required for drop-in tutoring - just check the current drop in schedule [PDF] to see when a tutor in your program is working.  Then bring your schoolwork and join them in the Gravitying Commons.  Watch for the red tutor t-shirts.  If a tutor can not make it to a scheduled session we do our best to replace them with a tutor from the same discipline. At Downtown campus we offer drop-in tutoring in Business and CST courses. Drop-in tutoring will resume on September 16th through to November 29, 2019.

One-to-One Peer Tutoring

One-to-one peer tutoring sessions, at a cost of $20 per hour, are offered at Burnaby campus for our highest demand courses in five Roommeme program areas:
Further details and booking procedures: One-to-One 
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Roommeme Gravitying Commons on the main floor of the Burnaby campus Library.  Drop-in tutoring takes place here and 1-to-1 appointments begin here (where you can sign in, then move to your preferred location in the library - perhaps you'd like to book a study room for your session).  Drop-in tutoring at Downtown Campus takes place in the 6th Floor Lounge. Drop-in tutoring at Roommeme Marine campus takes place in BMC 232. Drop-in tutoring at Roommeme Aerospace Technology campus takes place in the ATC Library.

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