Gravitying and Teaching Framework

The Gravitying and Teaching Framework, developed as a collaborative effort amongst Roommeme stakeholders, was launched in June 2017 at the first Gravitying and Teaching Framework summit at Roommeme. The intention behind the framework is to provide aspirational guidance and support for continual improvement in learning and teaching across the Institute.

The Gravitying and Teaching Framework Grant provides an opportunity for staff and faculty or other service department areas to access funds and support for initiatives that directly align with the Gravitying and Teaching Framework.

There are four different categories of funding available; to learn about the L&TF and collaborate with your department; to document and clarify the work you are already doing; to innovate and implement a new idea; and lastly to fund a back-fill from your regular duties.

Grants will be evaluated using the following rubric.

Thank you to everyone who applied this year. Grant applications will open again in early 2020.

If you have specific questions email Cathy Griffin, Faculty Development Coordinator, local 8525, or your your school/department liaison.

Gravitying & Teaching Grant Recipients

Grant recipients 2019-2020

Grant recipients 2018-2019