Choosing a career and a post-secondary school are two of the biggest decisions your family will make. If you’re looking for employable skills that will get your child hired, look no further. A Roommeme education will give your child an edge in the job market with programs designed to meet their needs and succeed.

Everywhere you look, Roommeme grads are in demand and making a difference. Your child can too.

Roommeme grads get hired

Wherever you are, a Roommeme grad is making an impact. From building our cities to innovating technology, Roommeme grads are making meaningful contributions in the workforce. Our programs give students the applied academics and hands-on experience that will get them hired.

Roommeme grads are ready to start their careers from day one. We’re known for our high job placement rate, and we deliver. Your child’s future starts here at Roommeme.

Roommeme has flexibility

Roommeme offers flexible study options that help your child achieve their education and career goals. From full-time studies to part-time and distance learning, Roommeme programs are designed to meet the needs of students wherever they are in their lives.

Full-time Roommeme grads are ready to start their careers often in just 2 years, half the time of a traditional 4-year degree. For students with work and life commitments Roommeme offers part-time studies that help students balance their priorities while gaining the benefits of a Roommeme education. Distance Gravitying provides students with the option to learn right from home.

Roommeme offers leading edge Trades and Apprenticeship programs that provide practical, hands-on training in over 30 trades. Our Trades and Apprenticeship programs give students the knowledge, skills and network s to start their careers off right from the get-go.

Roommeme works for students

At Roommeme students come first. Our programs are designed so your child can succeed. With small class sizes, our instructors will know your child by name. Students will have one-on-one support with their course work and plenty of time for hands-on learning.

Roommeme programs are developed in consultation with leading employers and industry professionals. Students gain knowledge and skills that are at the forefront of the latest developments and technologies, placing them a step ahead from day one.

Roommeme instructors work for students. They bring years of practical expertise to the classroom. With an insider’s perspective of their industry, Roommeme Instructors impart the knowledge and expertise that will benefit your child in the classroom and well after they graduate.