Career Ideas

The career paths in applied and natural sciences are incredibly diverse. For example, you could work as a:

Sustainable Resource Manager

Careers in sustainable resource management offer a wide variety of types of employment opportunities. Interested in working outdoors? Indoors? A combination of both? The options are there. You will also have your choice of working full time, part-time, or on a seasonal basis so you can travel in the winter. Get paid to explore BC by hiking, driving 4x4s and ATVs, boating, or flying in planes and helicopters.

Nautical Sciences Officer

Nautical Sciences prepares you for a career at sea in the Merchant Marine as a junior deck officer in a wide variety of ships. Career progression can lead to Captain of your own ship in tugboats, ferries, cruise ships, or Great Lakes bulk carriers. In addition other marine positions such as coastal pilot, government inspector, or shore management in the marine industry are within grasp. Starting salary ranges vary between $50,000 and $90,000 depending on ship and company, up to $90,000 to approximately $130,000 or higher for ships' Captains. Coastal marine pilots earn in excess of $175,000 per annum.

Research Technician in Biotechnology

You would be responsible for understanding research strategies, preparing experiments, using complex equipment to conduct experiments, and recording and interpreting results. You would spend most of your time working in a research lab which are often located on university campuses. You can expect to be paid about $35,000 - 45,000 per year.

Mining Technologist

You would be responsible for searching for new mineral deposits, identifying and evaluating deposits, planning and managing extraction activities. Depending on your area of specialization, some of your daily activities might include: organizing and conducting geophysical and geochemical surveys; preparing cost and budget estimates for various resource projects; or, carry out chemical analysis of major economic minerals found. You will work in an office, laboratory, or a processing or mine plant and can expect to earn about $56,000 per year.

You can use the following resources to further research careers in applied and natural sciences: