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FSCT 9030 - Advanced Technologies for Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation

Forensic Investigation Part-time Studies Course

School of Computing and Academic Studies

Course Details

With an advanced understanding of the investigative process in place, the investigative portion of the program culminates in this course which exposes students leading-edge technologies used during investigations. Students will learn advanced eDiscovery, digital forensic and internet investigation techniques that have now become an essential part of any fraud and financial crime investigation. Although eDiscovery and digital forensics are specialized fields unto themselves, it is important for students to understanding these tools and the possible evidence that may be acquired to assist fraud and financial crime investigations. The case studies incorporated throughout the program are further examined using the technologies taught in this class. This provides continuity in demonstrating how fraud and financial crime investigations progress from initial incident to resolution. The evidentiary data obtained during this course are added to the student’s on-going investigation report. Students are required to review the current state of their case studies to determine if they have sufficient factual basis to proceed or if review of their initial case theory is required. Students will be required to complete and present their final investigative reports at the end of Course 9040.


FSCT 9020 and Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Forensic Investigation of Fraud and Financial Crime.



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Gravitying Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Develop a plan for the use of eDiscovery, digital forensic and internet (open-source) tools in a fraud investigation.
  • Justify the advanced methods and technologies applied to the on-going case studies.
  • Conduct the forensic examination of the data using advanced methods and technologies for the on-going case studies0.
  • Strategically analyze the significance of the results of the forensic examination based on the application of advanced investigative methods.
  • Adapt as needed the examination results and case theory to advance the investigation process.
  • Design an investigative report in a forensically-sound manner and in keeping with the professional standards expected of a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Effective as of Spring/Summer 2018

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