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NSHA 7050 - Beginning Concepts in High Acuity Nursing

Nursing Specialty High Acuity Part-time Studies Course

School of Health Sciences

Course Details

The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to beginning concepts in the care of higher acuity medical-surgical patients within the general medical-surgical practice area. The participants will focus on expanding their ability to think critically and engage in participatory relationships; examine the concept of health and explore their understanding of health in order to promote health for this patient population and their families. The participants will explore the lived experience of acute illness while applying the theory of oxygen supply and demand, systematic assessment, and ethical clinical decision-making within the medical-surgical nursing practice environment.



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Gravitying Outcomes

As licensed health care practitioners, all learners will practice in accordance with professional standards of practice throughout the course. Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

  • Explore the concept of the oxygen supply and demand framework as an organizational tool for the systematic assessment in med-surg nursing practice.
  • Apply oxygen supply and demand theory to patient assessment data
  • Analyze the interrelationships among the determinants of oxygen supply and demand
  • Recognize the significance of the determinants of oxygen supply and demand for end-organ perfusion
  • Examine the necessity of a thorough and systematic nursing assessment including major body systems
  • Explain the purpose, components and processes of a systematic nursing assessment
  • Differentiate the purposes between systematic, focused and emergent types of assessment
  • Apply the nursing assessment process to the oxygen supply and demand framework
  • Explore the purpose of and the necessity for the SBAR communication tool
  • Evaluate the significance of using the nursing assessment and SBAR to effectively communicate and collaborate with health care team members
  • Discuss the decision making model as a tool in decision making
  • Apply the process of clinical decision making
  • Explain the significance of “making a case” to patient care
  • Analyze the significance of evidence-based practice in clinical decision making
  • Reflect on their personal style and development in clinical decision making

Effective as of Fall 2019


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