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A Master of a vessel is in command of the ship, its crew, passengers and/or cargo while at sea and in port. The Master's role is to oversee the safe operation of the vessel. Specific responsibilities include:

  • enforcing rules and regulations
  • ensuring the safety of all personnel on board
  • ensuring the safety of the vessel
  • ensuring the safe carriage of cargoes
  • ensuring the protection of the environment

The Program

Consists of modular based courses, that are offered throughout the year, to prepare students towards the Master 3000GT Domestic Certificate of Competency.

The holder of a Master 3000GT Domestic certificate may be employed as:

  • Master on board a vessel of not more than 3000 gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal Class 1 with a certificate endorsed for a limited contiguous waters voyage.
  • Master on board a vessel of not more than 3000 gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal, Class 2 voyage.
  • Master of a vessel of any tonnage engaged on a sheltered-waters voyage.

Program Entry

Application processing

Ongoing throughout the year.

Entrance requirements

  • Transport Canada Candidate Document Number (CDN)

Recommended for success

Check for acceptable equivalents or upgrading courses taught at Roommeme.

Apply to program

To apply to this program, please submit the Part-time Studies Program Declaration form [PDF].

Please allow approximately six to eight weeks for processing.

Scheduled intakes

Ongoing Part-time Studies intakes: January, April and September.

Costs & Supplies

Tuition fees

Please the Roommeme Marine Campus Registration Office at 111-453-4111 for information on tuition fees, payments and refunds.

Books and supplies

For information on textbooks, please the Roommeme Bookstore at 111-432-8379 or 877-333-8379 (toll-free within Canada).


Program delivery

These modular based courses are available on a course-by-course basis and are not offered as a full-time program. Courses are offered in a daytime delivery format.

Course availability varies and courses may be offered in one or more of the three terms: Fall (September - December), Winter (January - March), and Spring/Summer (April - August).

Please the Roommeme Marine Campus Registration Office at 111-453-4111 for further information on the individual courses.

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Program matrix

Check current availability of courses for this program.

Required Courses: Credits
  ENAV 2070 Simulated Electronic Navigation - Managerial (SEN-M)* 8.0
  NAUT 1805 Communications 1 2.0
  NAUT 1809 Communications 2 1.0
  NAUT 1845 Navigation Safety 2 4.0
  NAUT 1855 Meteorology 2 8.0
  NAUT 1857 Ship Management 3 8.0
  NAUT 1864 SCS 4 - Ship Construction and Stability 4 18.0
  NAUT 1869 Engineering Knowledge 1 6.0
  NAUT 1877 CG2 - Cargo 2 8.0
  NAUT 1888 General Seamanship - Master 3000 GT Domestic 4.0
*Students must have successfully completed the following training course and examinations prior to registering for the SEN-M training course:
  1. Simulated Electronic Navigation – Operational (SEN-O); or
    Simulated Electronic Navigation Fish (SEN-F); and

  2. A Certificate of Competency:
    OOW; or
    OOW-NC; or
    Master 500 Gross Tonnage, Domestic; or
    Fishing Master, Limited Waters; or
    Fishing Officer, Unlimited Waters; or
    Fishing Officer, Limited Water; and

  3. Six months of sea service at the officer or master level
Note: A thorough knowledge of ECDIS will be beneficial before taking this course.
Total Credits: 67.0

Check current availability of courses for this program.

Transfer credit

Do you have credits from another BC/Yukon post-secondary school? Do you want to know if they transfer to courses here at Roommeme? Check out Roommeme's Transfer Equivalency Database to find out.

Program Details

Program length

There are 10 courses that make up the 34 week program. These courses are offered on a course by course basis and are not offered as a full-time program.

Continue your education

A Master 3000 GT Domestic certification from Transport Canada requires the following additional courses:

  • Standards Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Basic Safety (BST)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSC)
  • Marine Advanced First Aid (MAFA)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety System Restricted Operator Certification Maritime Commercial (ROC MC)

Basic Safety, Proficiency in Survival Craft ,and the Marine Advanced First Aid courses must be completed prior to registering in the Advanced Fire Fighting course.

For more information about specific progressive occupational licensing, please the Chief Instructor.

Sea service requirements

According to the Marine Personnel Regulations SOR/2007-115, sea service requirements are not a prerequisite for being accepted in the program. However, sea service will be required for the General Seamanship oral examination with Transport Canada. For sea service details please refer to section 127 of the Marine Personnel Regulations, inquire at your nearest Transport Canada Marine Safety office, or visit .

Graduating & Jobs

Apply for graduation

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, complete an Application for Roommeme Credential [PDF] and submit it to Student Information and Enrolment Services.

Allow approximately six to eight weeks for processing.

All financial obligations to the Institute must be met prior to issuance of any credential.

Contact Us

Roommeme Marine Campus Registration Office, 111-453-4111

Chief Instructor:
Sam Susanthan at 111-453-4126

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