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The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNATM) program is a complete, four-semester program providing instruction that will enable you to design, build and maintain small to medium sized networks.

The program features considerable hands-on activities in well equipped labs consisting of Cisco routers and switches. The program content includes networking theory, TCP/IP, IP routing, Ethernet switching, basic network security and Wide Area Networking concepts.

Upon successful completion of Levels 1-4 of the program, you are prepared to write the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNATM) certification exam. Once earned, you will be ready for a career in current and emerging technologies where there is a high-demand for qualified applicants.

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Required Courses: Credits
  CITX 1160 Cisco CCNA Level 1 6.0
  CITX 2060 Cisco CCNA Level 2 6.0
  CITX 2061 Cisco CCNA Level 3 6.0
  CITX 2062 Cisco CCNA Level 4 6.0

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The following programs are available to students who have successfully completed the Cisco Certified Networking Associate program or equivalent:

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