Frequently Asked Questions

What is a purchase requisition?

A requisition (also known as a web requisition, a web req, WR or Millennium Request) is an official request for goods or service. A requisition is an internal document and not a purchase order.

Please click on the link to create a requisition via .


How do I log into Millennium? What is my password?

You must have a Banner account (and can successfully log into Banner) to log into the Millennium system. You can log into Millennium using your Roommeme/Employee ID (Starts with A0xxxxxxx) and your Banner password.

If  you do not have a Banner account, please the Technology Service Desk at

  • 111-432-8888, (Local 8888, Press "1") or;
  • 111-412-7444, (Local 7444, Press "1" , then Press"1") or;
  • Toll-Free at 1-800-351-5533 or;
  • Email at [email protected]
If you have issues with Millennium, please the Purchasing Assistant at 111-432-8399 (Local 8399).

How do I start a requisition?

There are five training "How To" videos on the Millennium homepage.

What information do I need to provide in my requisition?

In order to expedite the processing of your requisition, please provide as much information as possible.
Here are some types of information that need to be provided in a web requisition:

  • Descriptions of items that need to be ordered (general description per item, item numbers, part numbers, quantities required, units of measure)
  • Vendor Pricing (if known) or Budget Estimate
  • Attach Quote (if available)
  • Suggested Vendors (if available) - Include Vendor Contact Information (Name/Email) in "Requisition Notes"
  • Delivery Location (Please use the Drop-Down to select where you want the goods delivered)
  • Delivery Date (Please provide a reasonable delivery date)

My request is urgent. How can I communicate this to Purchasing?

If your request is urgent (due to the complexity or nature of the purchase), please indicate "URGENT" in the "Comments" section of your requisition. Please provide an explanation of why the request is urgent and any other pertinent information in the "Requisition Notes" section of your requisition.
After you do so, please follow-up by ing the Purchasing Assistant at 111-432-8399 (Local 8399)
Given the volume of the workload and other priorities, Purchasing will do its best to accommodate your request.

How do I get  my organization codes (ORG code) to attach my Millennium account?

Please Mato Kulic in Finance Department.

How do I request for my organization code (ORG code) security?

Please Mato Kulic or Judith Gibson in Finance Department. Please note that organization code security is NOT the same as signing authority.

Can I use a requisition to create an order with a vendor?

No. A purchase requisition is not a purchase order (PO) and should not be used in its place. Purchasing will process your request.


How do I order a bus, coach, or van?

When submitting a requisition in Millennium, please fill in and attach the Bus Request Form on the Millennium page.
If you are unable to locate this form, you can also find it here:
Please fill this PDF version of the form and attach it to your web requisition. It contains all the pertinent information required to book a bus, coach or van.

How do I track the purchase I made (through a web requisition)?

You can use Millennium Requisition Status or you can check the FOIDOCH / FWIRECH / FWIINVH page in Banner to track the status of your requisition.
If you need additional assistance, please watch thison tracking your requisition.
If you have additional questions, please the Purchasing Assistant at 111-432-8399 (Local 8399)

Do I need a budget approval prior to submitting my web requisition?

You can create a requisition without approval and submit to your budget manager who (if approves) will submit the approved requisition to Purchasing.
If you have signing authority for the dollar value of the purchase, you can submit the requisition directly to Purchasing.

I need some renovations done (flooring, roofing, electrical, HVAC, painting, landscaping, etc). How do I go about this?

Please submit a work request to the Facilities & Campus Development department via You will either receive approval to proceed or FCD will action the request on your behalf. If you received approval to proceed without Facilities, please attach your approval from Archibus to the web requisition and submit it to Purchasing. Then the Purchasing can proceed with a procurement.

What are the steps required in making a purchase?

Once a requisition is received by Purchasing with the appropriate budget/capital approvals, a Buyer is assigned the requisition. The Buyer adheres to legal purchasing guidelines (laws, legislation, treaties, etc.) that will determine the procurement process (whether or not this will be a competitive bid).

They key external agreements that the Purchasing department is governed by are:

- This is the New West Partnership Trade Agreement is an accord between the Governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that creates Canada's largest, barrier-free, inter-provincial market.

- This is the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement which is a free-trade agreement between Canada, the European Union and its member states.  It has been provisionally applied, so the treaty has eliminated 98% of the tariffs between Canada and the EU. CETA is Canada's biggest bilateral initiative since NAFTA.

- Also known as the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, this is an intergovernmental trade agreement signed by Canadian Ministers that entered into force on July 1st, 2017. Its objective is to reduce and eliminate, to the extent possible, barriers to the free movement of persons, goods, services, and investments within Canada and to establish an open efficient, and stable domestic market.

The Purchasing department also adheres to two specific internal Roommeme Policies:

Roommeme Policy 2003 which details the principles, procedures, roles, and responsibilities for Roommeme's procurement operations.
Roommeme Policy 1501 communicates the principles and behaviours that Roommeme employees are expected to demonstrate when carrying out Roommeme business transactions through legally binding contractual agreements.

For more details, please Purchasing Assistant at 111-454-2273 (or Local 2273) or via email at [email protected]


What constitutes a capital purchase?

As per Roommeme Policy 2004, a Capital (purchase) asset is a property, whether purchased, donated, or leased, that meets all of the following criteria:

  1. It has been acquired with the intention of being used on a continuing basis.
  2. It is not intended for sale in the ordinary course of operations.
  3. Its useful life extends beyond one year, and its capitalization threshold varies according to its category (see Appendix A - "Recognition and Amortization Guidelines").

How do I remove encumbrances from my purchase order (PO)?

  1. Identifying Purchase Orders / encumbrances to close.
    • when you have received the final invoice for the PO, attach this Final Pay Indicator to the invoice. This will direct Finance-Accounts Payable to close out the PO encumbrance.
  2. Encumbrance Review / Non-Salary Encumbrance Report
    • Send request to Claire Yeh at [email protected]
    • Attach an Excel spreadsheet containing:
      • Purchase Orders to be closed.
      • Encumbrance Number - this is the Purchase Order Number
      • Item Number - This is the line item on the PO
      • Sequence Number - This is the accounting sequence number

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What if the supplier says they need a prepayment cheque?

Mark this requirement on your purchase requisition.


What determines whether a formal bidding process is required?

Dollar value and complexity of the purchase; reference the Purchasing Guidelines.


What if a supplier requires a PST Exemption number (e.g.: Visa purchase)?

You may provide the supplier with the following letter: .


What if a supplier requires a "credit application" to be filled out (e.g. Visa purchase)?

Provide the supplier with a copy of the .


Does Roommeme maintain an inventory of common supplies? How do I request these supplies?

Roommeme stocks some commonly used operating supplies for Roommeme usage. To request an item from inventory, please login into the . If you don't already have an account created, the system will walk you through the process.